Thursday, 13 October 2011

Take My Wings

Take My Wings
How do they feel
And like a feather

Take my wings
How do they look
In their design
Of patterns and colours

Take my wings
How are they read
A story told
Of bright and dark
And of tears and laughter

Take my wings
Where have they travelled
To mountains
High and low
To seas
Rocky and smooth
And to roads
Straight and winding

Take my wings
What do they wish
Days of plenty, health and happiness
Friendships to hold and of many
Family to come home to
Of old and new
And for love
To stay when tough and joyful

Take my wings
For whom they belong
For what she has seen
For what she has done
For what she has learnt
For who she then be

Take my wings
And see
What will come
And knowing that even if
They are delicate and light
They have strength

Once in flight

-Emma Phillips 13/10/11

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