Monday, 11 January 2016

What I learnt from my 12 days in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country of a small population and thus things move slowly there. However, maybe that is not such a bad thing. It seems to be that people from New Zealand take their time to really appreciate what they have been given in this world. The earth to them is a place that needs to be respected, loved and cared for.

While on a boat cruise in a place called Doubtful Sound being surrounded by the earth’s greatest gifts, nature itself the people on board were asked to switch off from life. We had to go outside onto the deck of the boat and sit silently for five minutes. 

During this experience for one of the first times in my life I actually got to listen to the sounds of birds, waves, waterfalls and the boat we were on just gently moving in the water while taking in the fresh air and scenery around me.
People today are so plugged in to the technology we have to communicate with that sometimes I think we forget how to talk to one another face to face. Most of us are so caught up in getting the latest upgrade in a phone or computer or iwatch, the latest piece of fashion, the things in our lives that we think are important. If we took all of that away could we still exist?

I’m sitting here typing this in a room surrounded by all stuff. Stuff no one in this world needs but wants.
I’m Emma known to be sentimental and a keeper of trinkets, messages, cards and I have done my fair share of “retail therapy” a way of saying “I feel bad about my life I’m therefore going to buy some stuff in order to fill this void.”
It’s safe to say I will never be a minimalist.

However, I came into 2016 wanting to use less technology. Because I think that it can take you away from yourself, your life and what a person can really achieve in their life-time. I cannot escape technology it’s the 21st century after all. All I’m saying is that this year I’m challenging myself to leave the house without always listening to music. To wake up and not check facebook or my email but to replace that with a drawing, a piece of writing or to read and to go bed and do the same.

If people only live once then I figure it’s time to actually live and not be plugged in to a wall all the time. 

Also I went in a Helicopter and climbed a Glacier!!!

"Always remember that you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think" - A.A Mline, the Author of Whinnie the Pooh. 

Friday, 19 July 2013

A new day ahead

Drifting out the window
As thoughts go

A coffee in hand
Brunch on the table
Writer’s block
As the clock ticks on

Relaxed breath
As time slips away

Now the rush settles in
Bags packed
Uniform on

A planned routine ahead
As I board
A rumbling tram

Motions are set
Moving forward
Music playing
Book being read

Those last hours of play and work
Hath arrived

As I serve snacks
Belonging to the afternoon
Hand out activities
Tick off names

Giggle, laugh, act out silly
Help with behaviour,
Manners and study

Day turns to night and parents bolt in

Tidy and clean
Packing and organising

A day to the close
Back I go
Towards my rumbling tram
 For home

Greeted by a meowing cat
Demanding for a
Pat, food and love

A meal upon the evening hour
 In front of the small screen

Before time comes

I stumble along to bed
Sleeping and dreaming
Of a new day ahead.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

When your heart speaks

The trees go by me as
Though I’m going
No where

They are taller than
My dreams
Ever reach

As I stumble through their
Leaves on the

I seek what they have
In this
Ever-changing world

A path laid out
F or them
As they have been

As I listen to my heart
I hear what it

In taking each step with
Readying pace

A stride that takes
All that it needs

To be lifted
And to grow
Where it stands

Where footsteps left have
Been pondered
And followed

In knowing my path
Is there waiting for

I will choose strength, love and courage

As my fellow
My guides and
My light

As it is your heart
That holds
Your stories
And dreams

Once it speaks
You will know
What it is

Emma Phillips

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Dirt, Dust and Sun

In Melbourne town
Things seem clean
Footsteps walk the
Unbroken path
The familiar road
And the heart that lies here

Closing my eyes
I see another place

In it I picture
Orange Dirt,

I can already smell the bush,
Feel the heat and hear the

Something creeps into my mind
My eyes open and I see
The unknown
That lies ahead
“Don’t go” it says

It might be easier
To take a different path
Resist adventure
And stay

Wait for another voice
Resting on your shoulder
Whispers closer
“It’s time”

Anxieties awaken
As such time draws

Landing safely
With exploring eyes
The sun hits as you see
You’re here

Travelling through a world of
No where
The destination soon
Comes closer

Upon arrival
You picture yourself
In a child’s paradise
A peaceful place

Home for the six weeks
In which you have been
Given a task

The weight of that
Soon takes hold

You know you
Can do this
And are eager to

A classroom
Children’s grins

Days now have
Gone by

Disbelief of accomplishing
Such a challenge
Children respond to you
For you
A gift that cannot be bought

A gift you give back
In realisation
That you now see them
For them

The bush is seen in
Their skin
Through their eyes
In their home

The dirt, dust and sun
Was there all 


Now back in cold Melbourne town
The warm paradise
Of Pigeon Hole days
Are seen through
Photographic memories
A distant place
Where a piece of my heart
Will always

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Love and All

Tears down my cheek
Don't do you justice
Those tear drops 
Fall into my mouth 
As though 
I'm swallowing pain

I crawl towards the floor
Into my own arms 
Because there is no one else

I want to sing and scream 
Your name to 
Allow you 

But take a breath 
and wait

For the sun to rise
And direct me
Somewhere closer to 
Your heart

Allowing me to remember
Who you are
And who we are
Even if I cry to 
Miss you

Somewhere you are here
Your presence

Love and all