Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I want to write to the world and say...

I want to write to the world and say:

Look at the stars
What do you see?
Mere balls of gas
That are more
Than just to
Be wished upon

That have lived longer
Than you and I
And all our dreams

That live in galaxies
That are bigger than our
And what we hope for

That are so far away
As though impossible
To reach
Unlike our goals
Seen through the light
That brightens our path
And where to go

I sometimes can see
A star shooting past
Faster than we can walk
Or run
To get to where we are going

Is our wish to speed up time
To find love
Before those we love
So loneliness
Doesn’t take over

Even though we are surrounded
By stars
We see
And watch
And sometimes wish we could be

So I write to the world again
And say
Look upon the flowers and trees
They have grown from small seeds

They do not live a long life
But live one of freedom and vivid colours to
Simply grow and grow some more
Organically and so
With water and food
And the people that pass them by

As simple as it is
To the world I say
Those stars
Are maybe just too
Far away...

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