Friday, 19 July 2013

A new day ahead

Drifting out the window
As thoughts go

A coffee in hand
Brunch on the table
Writer’s block
As the clock ticks on

Relaxed breath
As time slips away

Now the rush settles in
Bags packed
Uniform on

A planned routine ahead
As I board
A rumbling tram

Motions are set
Moving forward
Music playing
Book being read

Those last hours of play and work
Hath arrived

As I serve snacks
Belonging to the afternoon
Hand out activities
Tick off names

Giggle, laugh, act out silly
Help with behaviour,
Manners and study

Day turns to night and parents bolt in

Tidy and clean
Packing and organising

A day to the close
Back I go
Towards my rumbling tram
 For home

Greeted by a meowing cat
Demanding for a
Pat, food and love

A meal upon the evening hour
 In front of the small screen

Before time comes

I stumble along to bed
Sleeping and dreaming
Of a new day ahead.

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